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In the house Les Avettes


The HARP chair is from Rasmus Koch, and we held concerts

Provence feriebolig - Koncert med Anne Øland og Visti Hald     

Concert with Anne Øland and Visti Hald     


David Saliamonas  

Provence ferie - Koncert Rebecca Chaillot

 Concert with
 Rebecca Chaillot


Birthday in the lodge


A painter can be
inspire in Provence

French lessons

Just 10 minutes' walk from the house, it is possible to get French lessons with an English-French university educated lady.
You can choose private lessons in the number you want, and she is reasonable in price.

Opinion on education
Just one little note to thank you for a lovely week in the town of Nyons olives.
We have been with you several times and have always enjoyed the stay very much.
This time , however, was a bit special, since you told me about Danielle , who teaches tourists in French. At short notice , I managed to get 2 hours of private lessons !
I wish that there was a possibility of more as it was a pleasure to test his now old high school French. (I have 50 year anniversary next year !! )
This is highly recommendable and level puts Danielle on how much you can.
Au revoir

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